Welcome to BBG Rewards!

From this day forward, every time you introduce a new member to BBG, renew your annual BBG subscription, or take advantage of hundreds of great special offers you will automatically earn BBG Bonus Points that you can spend with any one of over 100 participating business!

Businesses like Microsoft, Dell, Sony, Rebel Sport, JB Hi-Fi, Ella Bache, Agoda, Dan Murphy’s, K-Mart and Ticket Master. To name just a few.

This program has been designed to benefit you (our BBG members) in three important ways:

  • First, by enabling you to simultaneously save money and earn reward points by taking advantage of the special offers available to you each and every month.
  • Second, by enabling you to redeem those points on things you were going to buy anyway from hundreds of high-profile vendors (including BBG). Thereby saving again.
  • Third, by providing full BBG members with the opportunity to become program vendors and make offers that encourage other members to buy from and refer business to you.

We hope you enjoy browsing this month’s special offers and look forward to welcoming you as a vendor in due course.

Other things you need to know
  1. The redeemable value of points issued in this program is $65 per 10,000 points.
  2. Points remain valid for the duration of your BBG membership.
  3. At your discretion points may be donated to various charities by purchasing a points for purpose gift card and specifying your choice of tax-deductible charity.
  4. If you would like to explore the opportunity to become a BBG vendor, please contact jeff.glazer@bbg.business
  5. Member offers are subject to approval and will be made available for a limited period of time.

Happy shopping!

Geoff Hirsh